Banner Fire Prevention was established in 1983.

Banner Fire Prevention Services provides a complete fire safety solution for a wide range of businesses and homes. Our fully qualified staff will survey your premises, recommend your required products and equipment placement, provide staff training in equipment use and evacuation procedures, provide the necessary fire safety documentation such as fire certification of equipment and fire registry books, finally maintain and service the equipment on a regular basis.

Clients use Banner Fire Prevention Services for their fire safety training, products and maintenance because:

We provide training not a just a demonstration. Your staff gets to use the equipment with our expert instructor making sure that all staff gets involved.

We provide excellent customer service calling to you to make sure that you know when your equipment and staff are due for service/training. Our goal is to ensure that you meet all of your fire safety regulatory requirements.

Support a wide range of clients including all types of businesses and public bodies from retail shops to schools and hospitals

Domestic customers can buy a top quality product with the peace of mind that they are buying from a recognized expert in its field.

We supply quality Irish and European products.

We are experts in what we do making sure that all our customers are meeting the latest safety directives for fire safety set out by law.

“Our happy customers…”