Product Range

At Banner Fire we have a wide range of Fire extinguishers, signage and other safety products.

1kg Powder Fire Extinguisher

Domestic size multi-purpose fire extinguisher suitable for your kitchen, garage, car/caravan & boat.

Available Sizes: 1kg, 2kg, 3kg

6kg Powder Fire Extinguisher

Commercial size multi-purpose, fire extinguisher suitable for all, fire types; Class A, B & C. Made from dried chemicals.

Available Sizes: 6kg, 9kg

2kg Co2 Gas Fire Extinguisher

Domestic & commercial size suitable for use on electrical fires e.g. computers/sever/fuse board. Also suitable for flammable liquid fires in the kitchen/canteen.

Available Sizes: 2kg, 5kg

6lt Foam Fire Extinguisher

Suitable for use on Class A & B fires; paper, wood, carpet, furniture & burning liquid fires.

Available Sizes: 6ltr, 9ltr

6lt Water Fire Extinguisher

Suitable for use on Class A fires; paper, wood fires.

Available Sizes: 6ltr, 9ltr

Fire Blanket

A must for every kitchen and may also be used on a person’s clothing.

Size: 1.2m x 1.2m

All Signage

We provide all necessary signage for your fire safety requirements.


We provide all fixtures necessary for your home, public building or business - for example mounted hose reels.

Specialised Extinguishers

We will customize your extinguishers to your needs, e.g. 50kg and 70kg wheeled extinguishers.